Does your Makeup Remover Leave your Face Like Chernobyl?

Does your Makeup Remover Leave your Face Like Chernobyl?

Most chemical makeup removers are not the best thing in the world for your face and this applies to the convenient one time use wipes. These products leave residue behind on your face.

Caustic Ingredients

You may be surprised to find out that the active ingredients for most makeup removers have the same active ingredients as regular cleansers. Both makeup removers and cleansers rely on surfactants (Wikipedia reference), the surfactants will dissolve makeup. They both also use solublizer and emulsifiers that will help to lift makeup and remove oil and dead skin. Without the added steps of a thorough rinsing with water, these methods will leave a residue of their chemicals on your skin.

Since most women do not thoroughly rinse after using these makeup removal products your skin is exposed to solublizers, surfactants and emulsifiers at a much higher level than normal. This can lead to irritation and dry skin for some people, especially those prone to dry skin or they have sensitive skin. It should be noted that some of these products have alcohol as an ingredient, which can cause stinging.

Even the products that claim they are "Natural" you should be aware that often times manufacturers will add preservatives and other chemicals to increase shelf life, appearance and scent. Some of these preservatives when interacting with your skin and makeup release formaldehyde (Wikipedia reference).




Best Makeup Remover

Ok, you want to get your makeup off and not hurt your skin what do you do? You have two options at this point. The first one is not to wear makeup (not gonna happen), the second is to use Living Chem Free's Makeup Remover, they are absolutely amazing. When I first used one, I thought no way is a towel going to remove all my makeup, including my waterproof mascara. Boy was I surprised. The only ingredient you need is warm water. That's right just warm water and the Makeup Remover Cloth. It is absolutely incredible the amount of makeup you can remove.

This sure beats the heck out of leaving chemicals on your face and having them harm your skin. You really have to try them out.
















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  • Samantha Rinaldi