Look Your Best and Feel Your Amazing After A Night On The Town

Look Your Best and Feel Your Amazing After A Night On The Town

It is an amazing feeling that we have when we are dressed up and ready to go. Makeup, hair and so much more. Wearing a sexy dress on the night out with our gal pals or the boyfriend/hubby, right?

That's what life is all about right ladies?

I love to go to the comedy club and get some late night breakfast with my husband afterwards because laughter and food works up my appetite for sex.

Then after the good night we've had together there's only one thing left for me to do before it's off to bed for me... Remove My Makeup!

The Makeup Remover Cloth that I use is superb because it fits in my purse and I don't have to worry about lugging extra crap around with me in my overnight bag.

The nicest part is all you need is a Living Chem Free Makeup Remover Cloth and some water... It even removes the waterproof eye mascara that I love to wear!!

IĀ heartĀ this thing and it comes in black so it hides the spots between washes. They are easy to wash and they last me quite some time. They also make one in charcoal and they have a kit that comes with the makeup remover cloth and exfoliating glove.


Makeup Cloth

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Best Makeup Remover Towel


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  • Samantha Rinaldi