Are you tired of Rashes, Irritation and Red Skin from your Makeup Remover?

Are you tired of Rashes, Irritation and Red Skin from your Makeup Remover?

You are beautiful, radiant and the picture of health, until you take off your makeup. You are doing all the right things, use a makeup that works with sensitive skin and use a makeup remover at night to remove your makeup you even gave up chocolate (oh the humanity). But why all the break outs, the rashes and the red skin?

This may be the Cause!

It could be in your chemical makeup remover! While a lot of chemical makeup removers will give you the appearance of a clean face, they are actually leaving a residue of the chemicals on you. This leads to clogged pores and we all know that is not good for your skin and can cause a rash of problems. That is just the beginning, many of the drugstore chemical makeup removers use alcohol in their formulas. Most dermatologist agree alcohol dries out your skin and can cause irritation to your skin.

Now lets move on to the chemicals that they use in the chemical makeup removers. I'm not a chemist, and it is hard for me to understand what all the chemicals are. Here is an example of what is in a popular chemical makeup remover: CYCLOPENTASILOXANE, ISOHEXADECANE, POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, HEXYLENE GLYCOL, DIPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE, DISODIUM EDTA, DECYL GLUCOSIDE, POLYAMINOPROPYL BIGUANIDE. F.I.L.# D178190/1. Are they safe for my skin? I don't know.

A Better Solution - The Best Makeup Remover

Water, pure plain warm water, no chemicals, no soaps. Did you know you can remove all of your makeup including waterproof mascara by using plain water and our Living Chem Free Makeup Remover Cloth? You can and it really is that simple. Using our Makeup Remover Cloth really is Chem Free, it removes all the makeup, I had my doubts at first, but then I used it and could not believe the difference it made.

If you want to get serious about taking care of your face and skin then you need to get one today!



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  • Samantha Rinaldi