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Makeup Remover and Exfoliator Bamboo Charcoal Cloth (1) Large and (3) Travel Size

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Bamboo Charcoal/Microfiber

These pioneering bamboo charcoal products take the already versatile nature of microfiber to a whole new level. Bamboo charcoal is made by heating bamboo to a temperature over 1000°C, then grinding into nano-particles to combine with filament yarn.

The bamboo charcoal component of this cloth gives it absorption properties that reduce moisture inhibit bacteria, and eliminate odor. This technology has been used for centuries in Asia and is known as “Ionic Therapy”.

Directions for Use

1. Wash your Cloth. Wash the cloths using the directions on the Tags.

2. Wet the Cloth. Prior to use, wet with warm water.

3. Gently Rub off Makeup. Rub off in a circular motion, then flip the side to exfoliate.


20% Bamboo Charcoal - 70% Polyester - 10% Polyamide