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Both The Makeup Remover & Exfoliator Glove

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PINK CHEM-FREE Makeup Remover & Exfoliator Glove Set – Facial Cleansing Cloth & Exfoliation Glove – Chemical Free – Natural Makeup Remover-Works with Warm Water – Waterproof Mascara Remover – Perfect for Sensitive Skin

About the Makeup Remover & Exfoliator Glove Set

AMAZING SKIN CARE PRODUCT – Naturally Removes All Makeup including Waterproof Mascara Instantly with just warm water.

FACIAL CLEANSING CLOTH & EXFOLIATING GLOVE – Made of High Quality Microfiber. Ultra Dense, Super Absorbent, Soft and Durable. Gentle enough for a Baby.

CHEMICAL FREE BEST MAKEUP REMOVER – No more Chemicals on your Skin to Remove Makeup. Works with Plain Warm Water, Machine Washable 100s of times.

EXFOLIATES & CLEANSES – Use one side of the cloth to remove the makeup and the other side to exfoliate. This is the Best Face Exfoliator. The Microfiber Cloth gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores.

EXFOLIATING GLOVE – Specifically designed to cleanse and Exfoliate your entire body. Can be used in the shower. Rejuvenate your skin, helps to stimulate your collagen.

Makeup Remover & Exfoliator Glove

This Microfiber Cloth is a Natural way to remove all your Makeup without Chemicals. Microfiber Cloth is the best natural makeup remover that is gentle enough even for sensitive skin, gentle enough for a baby. With all the fine quality skin care products out there you want the very best for your skin. This Microfiber cloth is the best makeup remover without equal, in addition it is the best eye makeup remover and Best waterproof mascara remover as well. Here is what makes it the best:

• It is an oil free eye makeup remover. So no chemicals.
• Our makeup remover cloth is soft and plush.
• You only need warm water.
• Machine washable and reusable 100’s of times.

Microfiber has been proven to be one of the best skin care products in the market. The soft fibers in this cloth are the best makeup remover as well as an exfoliator. Without chemicals this magical cloth will remove all makeup including waterproof mascara using just warm water.

Exfoliation Glove

Our body scrub Exfoliation Glove is ideal to exfoliate skin all over your body, it is extremely versatile and is not limited to the body, but can be used on your face as well.

You can use it prior to entering your shower, or in the shower to exfoliate the dead skin off your body so you get smooth and glowing skin.

For self tanners, to get the best tan it is always best to exfoliate your skin prior to tanning. Just follow the easy directions for use prior to tanning.

Scrubbing and exfoliating your body will help to improve circulation.