Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin

Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin

This makeup remover cloth is super soft and you will not need to wipe very hard to remove your eye mascara. No chemicals needed for makeup removal. The best makeup eraser on the market and all that you will need is water to remove your eye mascara!

Makeup Remover pads don't work nearly as well and buying new ones each week can be such a hassle, nobody wants to spend tons of money over and over on the same disposable makeup remover pads when you can have a soft and gentle makeup remover that is chemical-free and easy to use.

Your face will feel fresh and ready for a nice wash after using this chemical free makeup removing cloth made by Living Chem Free.

When you are finished removing your makeup cleaning the makeup remover cloth is a breeze. To wash your makeup remover cloth simply rinse by hand after use, your eye mascara will wash right out and your skin will look and feel fresh & clean.

For extra tough stains you can pre-treat your makeup cloth by soaking it in some hot water and then just toss it into the washer with a load of dark clothes. It will be ready to use and looking like new! Or rinse by hand and let it air dry for the morning.

 Quickly and easily removes makeup. Check out our line of Non-Chemical Makeup Removers.

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  • Samantha Rinaldi