CP - Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian Meanings

Keywords: recovery from emotional wounds, deep journeying through darkness into light

Chakra: Base

Element: Earth

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Number: 3

Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Healing Properties:

Rainbow Obsidian creates a bridge of light into dark and painful places in the body, mind and emotions allowing for healing and clearing of emotional patterns and trauma. It helps dissolve outmoded karma and removes blockages in the aura, cleansing and aligning all the chakras. It can help to alleviate depression and mood swings.

Rainbow Obsidian History and Uses:

Obsidian derives it name from an ancient Roman explorer called Obsius who was given a mystical black glass sphere from a volcano by an Ethiopian woman called Xenia.  It has been used since ancient times in many magical practices for divination or scrying. In Paleolithic times it was used for making tools and weapons because it holds a sharp edge.

Rainbow Obsidian Geological Description:

Rainbow Obsidian is a glassy silica rich volcanic rock with a hardness of 5 to 5.5. It is made from molten lava which has cooled at different rates or times which create bands of red, green, blue or gold shades. Obsidian is found in South America, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, and parts of the United States.

Affirmation: I willingly choose to take the journey through the darkness of my unconscious, recovering the lost parts of myself, moving to rebirth in the light.

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