Grand Opening - New Platform

Grand Opening - New Platform

Greetings All,

I think the first post on the Blog should be from the developer, since I'm the first one here!  So just a little about the new website and what we want to accomplish with it.  We have tried a couple different platforms and we were unhappy with each one for one reason or another. I had heard of Shopify for years and never tried it out.  I am liking what I see so far.  It has a lot of built in features that we had to customize in other platforms.

So what does this mean to you the end user, it actually means quite a bit.  We will be able to incorporate a number of features that were prohibitive on our platforms, making the browsing and purchasing a much better experience.  Things can happen at a rapid rate, so stand by and see how we grow and improve!


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  • Kirk Kryger